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Ask any past customer of The Flying Carpet why they bought their rugs from us, and they'll tell you at least one of several reasons:

We treat people fairly:

People tend to remember you when you treat them fairly. They tend to remember you even better if they feel as if they have been cheated. Not only do our customers return for more rugs as their house changes, but their children come to us when THEY need rugs.

We have honest prices:

One gimmick we NEVER use at our shop is the inflated tag price. Our tag price is the fair price for the rug. We don't mark it up and then offer a gimmicky "80 percent off" sale. We believe in the intelligence of our clientele and we don't insult them by expecting them to fall for gimmicks.

We stand behind the rugs we sell:

We've been here for 75 years and have every intention of being here 75 more. Rugs bought at "Going out of business" sales, or from out-of-state merchants who truck in rugs to a furniture store for a quick buck give their customers what they ask for - potentially poor quality merchandise and no recourse when problems arise.

We deal directly with the rug weavers for our new rugs, and we expertly inspect and wash every old or antique rug before placing it on our showroom floor. In the rare event that a rug does not live up to expectations, we are here to take the steps necessary to make you happy.

"If you can't find it at The Flying Carpet you're not looking right"

With over four thousand rugs actually in our showroom, we have almost every color and style combination imaginable. Being in the South does require us to limit stocked designs to those that are more "traditional," so you won't see the latest "decorator craze," but then again, we don't want to sell rugs made to last a lifetime if the colors or style will be undesirable in as little as three years.

We have the expertise to locate the best rugs to go with your color

We like our business and our customers:

We really know about Oriental rugs:

Many rug dealers simply capitalize upon their "connections" to the Mideast and do not know the rich history behind Oriental Rugs. Also, many salesman at rug shops are commissioned sellers who are only trying to make a sale. All of us at The Flying Carpet have studied oriental rugs for years, and make it a point to keep that education every-growing. We enjoy educating people about oriental rugs and are always glad to dispel many of the "myths" used by under informed dealers and salespeople.

Because The Flying Carpet has been a fixture in Florence for so many years, people come from all over the nation to buy rugs from us, based upon word of mouth or because their previous generations bought from us. We have a reputation for dealing fairly with everyone and for standing behind what we sell.

Contact us via email at FlyingCarpet@RealPersianMarket.com
or call us at (256) 764-1852

Open 8:30AM to 5:00PM CST Monday through Friday
and 9:00AM to 4:00PM on Saturdays