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 The Flying Carpet is owned and operated by the Wright family, in Florence, Alabama.

Bill Wright and his sons, Paul and Neal, are assisted by Teresa Linville. Together we have the experience and knowledge to help you find the perfect rug for any location.

Bill Wright's grandmother began the business just before the Great Depression, as an Antique store. Rugs were included in the sales but furniture was the main inventory. During the Depression it was the Antique Shop which kept the family fed.

In the early 1970's Bill decided to expand the business to include Oriental rugs. He had developed an interest in them while traveling to Chicago to buy furniture. Trained by an Armenian rug merchant, he learned about the history and importance of Oriental rugs. It was at this time that the little room attached to "The Cabin Antiques" became known as "The Flying Carpet."

That little room with "almost" a hundred rugs has evolved into the warehouse with several thousand rugs, but the desire to help the customer find the right rug has never been lost.

Because The Flying Carpet has been a fixture in Florence for so many years, people come from all over the nation to buy rugs from us, based upon word of mouth or because their previous generations bought from us. We have a reputation for dealing fairly with everyone and for standing behind what we sell.

Unfortunately, there are many "professional" rug dealers which have created as poor an image for rug stores as poor used car dealers have created for used automobile dealers. The Flying Carpet has NEVER had a "Going out of business" sale, nor do we use gimmicks and misdirection to draw customers in. We have always dealt honestly with our customers and intend to continue treating customers with respect.

Many people have come to us after spending enormous amounts of money on fraudulently represented or poor quality rugs. Inevitably they tell us they "wish they had come here first!" Don't make the same mistake - visit The Flying Carpet before going to other shops!

Contact us via email at FlyingCarpet@RealPersianMarket.com
or call us at (256) 764-1852

Open 8:30AM to 5:00PM CST Monday through Friday
and 9:00AM to 4:00PM on Saturdays