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One thing which sets us apart from almost every other rug dealer is our dedication to the rugs we sell. Every old or antique rug is washed and inspected before we offer it for sale. All necessary repairs are done before it is shown to customers. All of our new rugs are acquired through weavers who have exemplary records of quality control and craftsmanship. As a result, we are glad to wash or repair any rugs sold by us, whenever you feel it necessary.

Unfortunately we cannot vouch for the quality of rugs we have not sold and have found it too much of a liability to wash rugs purchased from other dealers. Even recommending locations to have rugs washed is difficult because the processes used varies greatly. We will say that never under any circumstances should an oriental rug be "steam-cleaned" by the same process used for wall-to-wall carpeting. This permanently damages the rug and decreases its life span considerably.

The very nature of wool makes oriental rugs the perfect floor covering. Wool is a solid fiber which, when properly processed, retains an outer coating of lanolin. It is the lanolin oils which gives a rug its softness, lustrous sheen, and stain resistance. Lanolin is "nature's Scotchguard" and prevents most stains from every penetrating the fiber shaft.

Very rarely is it necessary to wash a rug. Normal vacuuming with a suction-only vacuum cleaner will keep dirt and grit from becoming embedded in the pile of the rug. Liquid spills can be blotted dry with a towel and then "rinsed" with clean water and blotted or vacuumed dry with a "Shop Vac." One product we highly recommend is the Bissell Spot Cleaner. Almost every spill can be prevented from staining the rug if it is removed before drying.

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